For Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a goodie bag of Black Pearl skin care products. Because I have enjoyed the Collagen Kit samples I received at the Black Pearl store, I thought I’d get the whole, full size Collagen Kit.  This 3-piece kit sells for $1699.99, and includes:

  • Black Pearl Pure Collagen Firming Serum
  • Black Pearl Pure Collagen Firming Mask
  • Black Pearl Pure Collagen Firming Day Cream

For years, I have been using moisturizers of various types, but before Black Pearl, I’ve never focused on products that include collagen. Now that I’m 44 years of age, I am noticing that my skin is not as young and wrinkle-free as it used to be. Here is a photo of my face before my month long experiment with Black Pearl’s Collagen Kit:


Once I began using the Collagen Kit, there was a noticeable difference within only a few days. Here’s how I use the Black Pearl Collagen Kit on my entire face:

Step One:  Apply the Collagen Firming Mask to my clean face at night before bedtime.

Step Two:  Shower in the morning, then apply the Collagen Firming Day Cream to my face before heading off to work.

Step Three:  Before bedtime, apply the Collagen Firming Serum to my clean face.

Step Four:  Apply the Collagen Firming Day Cream the next morning.

Step Five:  Apply the Collagen Firming Serum before bedtime.

Step Six:  Shower in the morning, and apply the Collagen Firming Day Cream for the daytime.

Step Seven:  Apply the Collagen Firming Mask at night time before bed.

Step Eight:  Repeat Steps Two through Seven….

In sum, I use the Day Cream every day, but I’m using the Firming Mask about every third night and the Firming Serum on the alternate nights.

How is this Collagen Kit affecting my face? Well, it’s fantastic!! First, I need to tell you that yes, I do still have some wrinkles, but the finer lines around my eyes and mouth have smoothed out.  The deeper wrinkles remain…but that’s fine. People tell me since I’ve started the treatment that I look at least 10 years younger than I am! The extra collagen absorbed by my skin is making my skin feel more supple, smoother, softer, and less droopy. I no longer have dry patches. Also, when I get my period, I have fewer blemishes, and they go away very quickly. Here’s what I look like one month after using the Collagen Kit:


How do I rate the Collagen Kit?  5 Stars, hands down! Seriously, it is THE BEST skin care kit I have EVER used…and I’ve used a lot. Yes, it is pricey, but it really works and I’m thrilled with the results. I really would purchase the Collagen Kit again, but I expect it will be an annual purchase, for there is plenty of product to last me a whole year.

If you want to try the Black Pearl Collagen Kit, you can either get a sample kit from your nearest Black Pearl store, or you can try it when you schedule a facial treatment. Once you are convinced that yes, this Collagen Kit really is as good as everyone says it is, you will be glad you invested in these skin care products. Truly, the Collagen Kit will allow you to put your best face forward; transforming the way your skin feels, and how people respond to your youthful glow on a daily basis.