Every time I shower, part of my ritual includes using a milk cleanser on my face. After showering, I like to remove dead skin cells with a toner. After learning about Black Pearl’s Refreshing Milk Cleanser and Refreshing Toner, I had to try my own “before and after” experiment to see if it really works great.

For many years, I have tried various skin care products, but the products I generally use come from Sumbody. Because I have very sensitive skin and food allergies, I have experimented with various Sumbody products, which appear to be the best for my skin type (which leans toward the dry side). Over the years, I have happily discovered milk cleansers and alcohol-free toners that do not include cucumber extract make my face feel clean and refreshed without getting too dry. Why no cucumber extract, you ask? I’m sensitive to cucumbers and I get dry patches on my skin when I use anything with cucumber in it. After doing my milk cleanser and toner routine, I apply a moisturizer and I’m good to go.  (No, I don’t usually wear makeup.)

Here is a photo of my face before my month long experiment with Black Pearl’s Refreshing Milk Cleanser and Refreshing Toner:


I wish I could tell you that I noticed a dramatic difference in my appearance between my before and after photos, but I didn’t. Instead, I DID notice a dramatic difference in how my skin felt, and that’s a very good thing!

The Black Pearl Refreshing Milk Cleanser is light and has a nice scent. I apply it to my face when I am in the shower and let it sit there a bit as I wash my hair. I can feel the oils penetrate my face, moisturizing my skin on what feels like a deeper layer. I also noticed that while is can rub off dead skin cells, it is a smaller amount than when I used the Sumbody milk cleanser. Also, upon exiting the shower, I feel like my skin can rest a longer time before I apply the Black Pearl Refreshing Toner.

The Refreshing Toner also has a lovely scent and it is alcohol-free. It cleans my skin, closes pores, and removes dead skin cells well, but my skin still feels moist, which is good. My husband loves using the Refreshing Toner, too. Unlike most other toners, I don’t feel like I have to rush and put moisturizer immediately on my skin after use. Instead, I can brush my teeth and do a few other beauty rituals before I go put on my moisturizer. (By the way, the moisturizer I use is the Collagen Firming Day Cream from the Collagen Kit I reviewed in a previous blog article.)

Not that you’ll see much of a difference in my face, but here’s an after photo. Too bad I can’t allow you in these photos to FEEL how differently my skin feels…for the better.


How is the Cleansing Milk and Refreshing Toner duo affecting my face? Fabulous!! My skin no longer has any dry patches, and I can feel that it is maintaining a balanced moisture level. I’m thrilled with the results, and I will definitely continue to use these products daily. I believe there is enough product in each bottle to last 9 months to one year, and the prices are right, too at $79.99 for each. If I had to give this duo a rating, I would happily give it 5 Stars!

If you want to try the cleanser and toner, you may either go online, or visit your nearest Black Pearl store. Additionally, you can try them when you schedule a facial treatment. Once you see for yourself how your skin feels after using Black Pearl’s products, you will be glad you invested in their skin care line.